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Coffee worth quacking about

So Becky and I have this thing. She really likes coffee. And I really like baked goods. And exploring. And chai tea. And music. And studying not in my dorm room or in the study lounge. So like I said … Becky and I have this thing — we go to coffee house and make an attempt to visit a new one as often as possible.

I’ve been hearing about Quack’s for a while now, especially from Zephyr (remember her? She modeled for my Daily Texan piece!) and I finally got around to visiting it last Thursday.

I should’ve known I would love this place. It’s Hyde Park, it’s quirky, and they have an amazing array of baked goods. So much win. I got a piece of tiramisu that was really a part of a giant round tiramisu layer cake! None of this little bar cake slice thing. It was delicious and definitely worth the couple hundred some odd calories it was likely packing. The decor is colorful in a way that sort of reminded me of 90’s Nickelodeon (a la Rocko’s Modern Life, yes?)

Even the bathroom is cool, and the bulletin board next to it entertained me for literally 5 or 6 minutes. I love those boards in dives all over Austin. They remind me of the wealth of things to see and do in Austin and the myriad of creative people who are making their mark here in the ATX. It’s inspiring if not a little overwhelming at the same time.

Worth noting — they have armadillo shaped cookies. Guys, let’s get real here; This is an amazing commodity. Only in Texas.

My only issue with Quack’s, the wireless was really tricky to connect with. You had to make a username and password and sign up for this service and wait for the confirmation email and yadda yadda yadda … but it really didn’t take too long and once you were connected there wasn’t much of a problem or lag.

The staff was friendly, the food was delish, and the atmosphere was definitely great as well.  It’s a nice change of pace to go up North to Hyde Park instead of always exploring downtown, and it serves as yet another display of the amazing capability of Austin to retain a duplicity of urban city life and quirky small town. I love it.


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Halcyon … and on … and on …

S’mores? Yum!
Camping in January? Effing cold. Even in ATX.
Solution? Halcyon’s Personal S’more Station!

Halcyon is a coffee shop, bar, and lounge on 4th street in between Congress and Lavaca. But more popular than any drink on the menu is the unique dessert choice that Halcyon is serving up: Personal S’mores stations delivered to your seat in increments of 2 or 4 servings. Each station is complete with indivudally wrapped graham crackers, Hershey bars, giant marshamallows, wooden skewers, and a teeny wittle fire pit with which to roast them. It. Is. Genius. It’s the sort of thing that makes people facepalm and say: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Halcyon (as in the Halcyon Days) is an appropriate moniker for this place — what could possibly bring more tranquility and joy than a safe haven to eat fire-roasted s’mores without all that campfire business? The groovy music taste (Coconut Records anyone?), modern minimalist furnishings and enormous velvet pillows in cantaloupe orange and honeydew green add to the hip and relaxed atmosphere.

Kelly, Ariel, Becky and I went for a Thursday’s girl’s night and gossip session á la “Sex and the City”. I can proudly say that I was labeled the Carrie in the group (huzzah!) with Kelly coming in as the sassy Samantha, Ariel as the reasonable Miranda, and Becky as the slightly naive Charlotte. Oodles of superficial girly talk ensued, and everyone ended up with gooey marshmallow all over their fingers or face at some point. Definitely a successful night.

Halcyon is located at 218 West 4th Street.

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