Not naked on 1.22.10

Why does this Dream Theatre song sound like Dream Girls?

Second-first day of school. I woke up this morning for my 8 am and it was DARK outside. Do you *know* how long its been since I’ve woken up when it was still dark? I’ve certainly stayed up to see the sunrise since coming to UT but it was nice to awake to it through my poolside window. I was suprisingly not too tired — I made it to the second row of my Intro to Nutrition class wide-eyed(ish) and bushy tailed(ish). I’m really excited for this class, which I suppose is a good thing because I may not even end up using the science credit that inspired me to sign up for the class in the first place.

Welp. Here’s the outfit post. The setting is this nice little piece of foresty land between Moore-Hill and the alumni center where all the raccoons and albino squirrels hang. Concrete staircase made a good tripod.

Berry-colored sweater – Wal-Mart ($5)
Navy and lime striped shirt – Kohl’s ($10)
Beads – Wet Seal ($7.80)
J. Crew Jeans – Ross ($13)
Brown sneakers – Urban Outiftters ($10)
Total: $45.80

Close ups of the shoes and necklace …

Oh, and the song in question from the post title? “Through Her Eyes” by Dream Theatre. Hmm. Not sure where they were going with that one.


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