Not naked on 1.21.10

Or … Keeping up with the KarTRASHians.

Really hate that show. It irks me that people who are born into a life of privilege waste the opportunities that money can provide. Despite my distaste for it, this show is playing in the background right now courtesy of my room mate. *sigh*

To be fair, I’m sure I am equally annoying with my folky music and my tendency to wake up before ten and hit the linoleum running.

Tonight is Halcyon night! Woo!

T shirt – Ben Folds concert 2008 ($20)
Shorts – Forever 21 (on clearance! $4.80)
Leggings – Wet Seal ($8)
Boots – Forever 21 ($21.80)
Glasses – Eye Masters (Insurance? They’re my real, rx strength glasses! haha)
Total: $54.60

Story about this shot: While taking pictures in this back staircase, the friendly cleaning lady I walked in. Twas awkward. I looked like a goober.

Have a great day!


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